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Faith Healing Bible Church is an indigenous Sierra Leonean Church with Branches in other African countries, Europe and America.

Pastor Francis A.M. Mambu
Faith Healing Bible Church started as a Bible Study and Youth Fellowship consisting of nine (9) members. They all had the desire to serve God with zeal and enthusiasm. The General Overseer never had it in mind to start a church. The General Overseer , Pastor Francis A.M. Mambu when he returned to Freetown after receiving instructions from God to do His work. On his arrival, the Lord told him the following night to undertake twenty-one (21) days fasting and prayer. After completion of the fasting, he heard the voice of the Lord “go and reach out to the lost souls, heal the sick, cast out demons and set the captives free, because my people are perishing”.

On a Saturday 27th June 1987, the Holy Spirit led the General Overseer and other members of the group to go to the Connaught Hospital in Freetown. As instructed by the Lord, in wards 5 and 7, they ministered and prayed for the sick most of whom were suppose to undergo surgical operation. After the ministration and prayers they returned the following Monday morning to see how the patients were doing. To their amazement, out of thirty (30) patients prayed for in the two wards, only three (3) patients remained in the hospitals. All the others had been healed and discharged! The three patients that remain were those who were operated before the prayers were made on the previous Saturday. On Monday, 29th June 1987, the Lord showed the prayer group the name Faith Healing Ministry instructing them to start a Church. However the present General Overseer who is also the founder was hesitant and continued to operate the Bible fellowship at home.
Pastor Jalloh who is a friend of the founder and also a pastor of another church, who was assisting with the Bible Study, helped the fellowship secure a place of worship at the Model Secondary School.
This became the headquarter church on the 26th July 1987, when the church was fully born with a total membership of about fifteen (15) people. The headquarter church later moved to Government Rokel Secondary School, then Wallace Johnson Primary School. Today, it is housed in its own building at Walmsly Lane, Off Berry Street in Freetown, with membership in the thousands of people. The Ministry has also been able to establish many branches in major towns and villages in Sierra Leone. The Ministry has also established churches beyond the borders of Sierra Leone – Liberia, the Gambia, Nigeria, and Canada. The Ministry has been able to secure some acres of land at Grafton village for retreat and conferences which is presently under construction. It has built a conference hall with can accommodate up to 3,000 people, tent of meeting for retreats and monthly combined service with a sitting capacity of 20,000 to 25,000. There is also has a guest house in the compound with modern facilities many rooms.

Helping people know Jesus, grow in faith & go into the world equipped to serve.

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